Frequently asked questions

With EAR's diploma may students enroll in universities in Brazil or only the US?

The American School of Recife is accredited by AdvancED - SACS as well as by the Secretaria de Educação do Estado de Pernambuco. Upon graduation, students who have not waived the Brazilian diploma receive both an American and a Brazilian diploma. EAR students successfully gain admission to post-secondary institutions in the U.S., Brazil, and throughout the world.

Are all classes taught in English?

All classes for all grade levels are in English, with exception of Brazilian Studies and world languages.

Do students need to be fluent in English to enroll at EAR?

All students applying for admission to 1st grade or higher must complete an academic evaluation in English. This allows the school to determine whether the child has a reasonable chance of being successful in an English-language instructional program.

How does the school help students who are not fluent in English?

The school provides support for students with limited English proficiency through language lab and ELL programs.

Is it possible for parents who don't speak English to enroll their children at EAR?

Yes. We have an Elementary program called Homework Connections which trains students to be able to do their homework by themselves. Most school communication is in English, as well as school presentations and meetings.

Does EAR follow an American or Brazilian school calendar?

EAR follows the northern hemisphere school calendar and observes American and Brazilian holidays. The calendar is posted on this website.

How is student placement determined?

Students are placed according to their date of birth and official school records.

What is FNDES?

It is a one-time development fund contribution per student payable at the time of enrollment. This fund is dedicated to investments in school infrastructure and facilities.

What are your student demographics?

For the 2018-2019 school year, 85% of our students are Brazilian, and 15% of our students come from 13 different nationalities.

What is not included in tuition?

The food service, student transportation, and personal use items are not included in tuition. Extended field trips and activities are also billed separately. 1. Nursery students must have lunch purchased in the lunch area. Pre-K 3-12th grades have the option of purchasing in the lunch area or bringing from home. Microwaves are available at both lunch areas. The canteen is operated by a private company. 2. EAR does not provide student transportation. There are two local companies that have worked for our families for over 15 years. 3. Early Childhood Center students receive a list of personal use items to be left in school. Elementary and Secondary students are required to bring a bag to transport their school supplies. Secondary students must also bring a lock for their assigned lockers. All students must bring a reusable water bottle or drinking cup to school.