There are numerous physical, social and personal benefits to playing sports. The EAR after-school sports program offers students opportunities to learn and develop new skills while having fun with their friends. The program includes capoeira, tennis, dance, soccer, basketball, volleyball, sports activities, recreation and chess.

Students choose their activities according to their interest. They are encouraged not only to respect rules, play fair but also develop interest in playing these sports in the long term.


These activities provide enriching and challenging experiences for middle and high school students where they can express their ideas, develop solutions for global and community issues or explore new interests.


The chess club helps students to improve focus and concentration. It also enhances problem-solving skills, planning, and patience. Chess players are much better at finding ways through obstacles as opposed to giving up when they see one. Students can play on chess club online, or play against their friends with a chess board.


MUN is more than just a club, for the lessons students are taught here will be useful for the rest of their life. Delegates get to see the world with different eyes and try to solve the world’s most pressing issues by using compromise and diplomacy. Through conferences and mock debates, they learn how to stand up for what they believe and learn about empathy and diferente perspectives along the way. Skills are also developed in this club, seeing as it is required that delegates speak in front of a crowd, debate in a respectful way, think outside the box for new solutions, and make alliances for common benefit.


At EAR, our music teachers make sure their students feel the power of music and encourage them to be creative and express themselves every day. At the Choir club, students are prepared for beautiful presentations at the school's in-house events or even compete nationally. Great chances for the students who want to show their music skills never end. They just need to catch and enjoy the opportunities.


Robotics is one of those clubs that students feel attached immediately after the first day. Along the year, a small but dedicated group of students build robots using sophisticated software and put loads of hours figuring out how to create, assemble and program specific commands


The Drama club provides the opportunity for children to enjoy, and benefit from, a range of activities including drama games, improvisation, script reading and performance. Drama builds confidence as well as help children to understand the world around them and developing both creativity and emotional intelligence.


The Coding Eagles Club help the students to develop children’s programming skills and to inspire them to consider programming and other digital careers in the future. There, Eagles learn how to create games, animation, apps, sites and much more!


Knowledge Bowl is the name for several interdisciplinary academic quiz bowl-like competitions. On Tuesdays after school, students from all grades meet in Mrs. Raquel’s room to train their minds in different topics, such as Art History, Science, Math, Miscellaneous and more. The students train for school and to compete nationally.


It is a co-curricular, student-centered educational organization open to any student inter¬ested in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. The Business Club emphasizes academic and career excellence and helps to demonstrate the importance of a direct relationship between marketing education and the real needs of business and industry.


The EcoClub is about raising environmental awareness to a world that is being harmed by human actions and finding alternative solutions to a better future. Students develop creative projects that affected small areas but exerted an astounding difference in our planet. Some projects show how water is essential; other projects demonstrate the importance of our environment, and others taught the meaning of loving animals. The EcoClub mission is to make a difference in our community and guarantee a better future for our planet.


Along the year, students are encouraged to find creative ways to raise funds for charity homes and orphanages. From flea markets, garage sales to bingos, students raise enough money to assist several institutions. The students are engaged, present, conscious, and have a high level of commitment. Volunteer work has become an important factor in the creation of individuals who are competent and have moral values based on virtues.


The Debate club improves the skills to become a professional speaker and the way you create arguments. The debate club is like a symphony orchestra, which exists as a corporate entity. Everyone in the group shares the joys of victory; the disappointment of loss, when shared, is assuaged. A sense of group identity is created by involving the management of space, the management of time, and organization.


Children who come to Human Body Club participate in with real demonstrations and experiments, through which they learn not just about the topic, but also experimental technique and careers in science. They have the opportunity to witness the wonders of the human body in a classroom equipped with several 3D pieces.


Hand Puppets are a natural and fun extension of the pretend play that young children engage in so readily. Hand puppets will help your children develop some important learning skills. Hand Puppet play is imaginative and open-ended and equally freeing for adults.


The Art club promotes in students a taste for plastic expression. It helps students interpret their ideas through different languages and forms, working knowledge of history and artists. Check the after school activities schedule and sign up!


In Math Olympics, more than compete, students learn how to deal with problems and how to solve them. EAR teaches math in a very helpful way and tries to make the subject engaging, succeeding in making their students excited about what they are learning.


The EAR's music clubs provide an opportunity for students to participate in amateur musical activities. All genres of music are welcome! Throughout the year, EAR’s music teachers introduce different composers, music from various parts of the world, and many different instruments to the students. They were also encouraged to express themselves by composing, playing instruments, and singing with their soul.


The dance groups at EAR expand year after year. The children have fun whilst learning to dance. We build children’s confidence and help them to work as part of a team. Classes are energetic, structured and vibrant. From Pre-K 4 to grade 12, girl have the chance to present their choreographies in various School events, including the Red X Blue ceremonies and EAR’s dance festival. As groups expand, so does their technique, but no matter how much the level increases, they still present it beautifully. It is exciting to see what new presentations these girls have in store and how they can continue to surprise


From Kindergarten to grade 3, recreation classes help children to develop motor skills for the future. These exercises can make a huge difference in a kid’s life, even if they don’t become athletes. Throughout the year, the introduction of sports activities is presented to the students. Regardless of activity, students enjoy the excitement of activities and a break from the school day.


Basketball is very popular at the school. Students train to play against other schools. Basketball helps students by improving balance and coordination and developing concentration and self-discipline. The after school program is very popular among students, and it takes place in the covered court. Join the basketball team and have a blast with your new friends!


Tennis keeps children active and competitive, without the risks that arise when playing a contact sport. Not only involves several skills as hand-eye coordination, such as agility, balance, speed and reaction time, and also tennis can help develop tactical thinking similar to playing chess.


The after-school soccer is a fun activity offered to boys and girls, from Pre-K 4 to grade 12. Students practice after classes, compete with local schools and nationally in the ISSL tournament. As with any sport, skill and fun levels increase with the more opportunity kids have to play and practice. Walking through the school during break and lunch time, you are sure to find someone in one of the courts playing it.


Here in E.A.R, volleyball is definitely one of the most wanted sport activity. The Eagles are extremely well known for their ability to play volleyball. Since a very long time ago, athletes from E.A.R have been traveling to tournaments like NR, in Minas Gerais, and Minifriendship, in Bahia, to put into practice what they have learned after school. When competing, the Eagles give their best and, most of the time, come back with trophies. Practice for the athletes is just like a routine, and they are very dedicated to it. Missing practice is not an option!