The Brazilian Studies Department is the segment of education accredited by the Brazilian Government to implement the National Curriculum, compulsory for Brazilian students according to the standards of the Ministry of Education. Courses include Portuguese language, Brazilian History and Geography, Sociology and Philosophy.

French and Spanish are added to the curriculum as foreign languages. Portuguese as a second language (PSL) and Brazilian Culture are offered for foreign students.

The National curriculum in concert with the American curriculum provide students a consolidated education in knowledge and values for life to become world citizens, granting access to the best universities in the U.S., Europe, and Brazil. The Brazilian program gives the student the opportunity to take the National High School Exam, ENEM, and the Vestibular in the state of Pernambuco and throughout Brazil.

The Brazilian Studies Department helps the school achieve its mission of preparing citizens in this globalized world, understanding that the first access to citizenship is through sharing languages and cultures.

The Brazilian Studies department is committed to having students acquire standard Portuguese usage as a prerequisite for oral and written interaction with their peers, as well as knowing the origin of our human, sociocultural and territorial creation.

The educational work is conducted by qualified faculty, taking into account the global and intercultural universe that surrounds the American School of Recife. Successful results are due to consistent and continuous training, which the school supports with enthusiasm and competence.

The Brazilian Studies Department invites students and families from around the world who want a solid education to study in our warm and welcoming school environment.

Brazilian Director
Maria do Carmo Apolinario