Dear ECC and Elementary Families,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the American School of Recife. Here we are committed to the academic and social emotional growth of every student through a comprehensive, engaging, caring, and safe educational program. It is our goal in the ECC and Elementary divisions to educate the “whole” child. Our highly trained staff use a wide variety of instructional resources and frequent formative and summative assessments to monitor student learning. The ECC and Elementary divisions consistently use the framework of the AERO standards as the foundation for all learning. Every effort is made to develop higher-level thinking skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation in an English language setting.

Nursery, Pre-Kinder 3 Pre-Kinder 4, Kindergarten Grades 1-5
Beginning English (Listening and Speaking) Continuing English (Listening and Speaking, beginning Writing & Reading) English Language Arts
Math Readiness Introductory Math Mathematics
Introductory Science Concepts Science Concepts Science Concepts
Social Studies Concepts Social Studies Concepts Social Studies Concepts
Music Music Music
Art Art Art
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
Spanish Songs Spanish Spanish
Librarian Visits Physical Education Technology
Library Library
Portuguese Language Portuguese Language+Brazilian Social studies and Geography PSOL (Portuguese for students of other Languages)

Ellen Griffiths
ECC/Elementary Principal