Student Government Association (SGA) represents the entire student body. SGA’s main purpose is to help the students, to listen to their complaints and suggestions on how to improve campus student life. It is our goal to add general welfare to the vibrant and diverse student community of the American School of Recife.


EAR Cups

The SGA was not only committed to improve the life of the students, but the SGA was also determined to make the world a little bit more sustainable. For the first semester, the SGA developed and sold dozens of cups to the students to decrease the number of water plastic bottles at the Campus and make money on the way.

Spirit Days

The SGA is responsible for organizing the Spirit Days at EAR. Together with the class representatives the Leadership Team chooses the themes and provides the advertisement.
The Spirit Days are an opportunity for all students and staff to have a different and fun day, coming to school dressed in a funny costume.

Funny Lunch

During the school year, the SGA was committed to make everyone’s lunch a little more entertaining. For the first semester, the SGA provided the FIFA FRIDAY, a day that students could play FIFA during lunch time with their friends. During the second semester, the SGA bought sets of domino and cards and booked a room only to play games. As soon as the Álbum da Copa was released, the SGA book a place to have troca-trocas during lunch.