In the process of admission of the American School of Recife students can enroll in the begining of both semesters during the school year, starting in August or February. While we understand that securing school enrollment is a priority for families, we cannot do so until we have received complete applications and documents reviewed each child’s file for admission.

For families who want to visit our campus, we encourage you to schedule a visit and come to see what our community is like on a daily basis. In the meantime, please take the time to explore our website, where you will find information about EAR's academic and extracurricular programs and our community.

EAR is truly a special place for students to learn and grow each day.

Got Interested? Schedule a Visit!

Campus tours take place Monday through Thursday at 8 AM. If you wish to schedule a tour let us know which days work best for you and we'll inform the next available date. Tours are recommended to be taken by both parents. Candidates may join if 7 years or older, only if there is space available for the grade the candidate would be eligible for.

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Enrollment Requirements

Follow these steps to start your aplication. Please make sure you have all of the required documents together before submitting your application.


Enrollment Form

Once approved for enrollment, parents or guardian must fill out this form and attach the required documentation listed at the end of the form.

Health Form

Parents must fill out this form as thoroughly as possible as it will be the first reference to be used by our infirmary staff if needed. Attach immunization records.

Assessment Form

Candidates interested in attending E.A.R. starting in Grades 1st through 12th will need to be approved in an Academic English Proficiency Exam. To schedule your assessment and interviews, fill the form below and attach the required documentation listed at the end of the form.

Waiting Pool

Families interested in placing their child of age 3 to 5 in our waiting pool for Early Childhood Center. Grades must fill out the form below and attach the required documentation listed at the end of this form. Once the application is completed you will receive an e-mail regarding payment.