Candidate Assessment

Candidates interested in attending E.A.R. starting in Grades 1st through 12th will need to be approved in an Academic English Proficiency Exam. To schedule your assessment and interviews, fill the form below and attach the required documentation listed at the end of the form.

Parent 1

Parent 2

What languages are used in the candidate’s home, by whom? And since when?
In what language did the candidate first learn to read and write?
How long has the candidate studied English and where?
In what other countries has the candidate lived? Please, list the dates
Did either parent ever study, work or live in an English speaking country? Please, list the dates.
Has the candidate ever taken standardized tests? If yes, which, when, and attach results.
If the candidate requires special testing accommodations please explain and attach documentation for guidance per your request so we may proceed accordingly.
Please add any other information which you feel may be useful, including the candidate’s interests and hobbies


  • • Birth certificate of candidate
  • • School report cards of the last two academic years
  • • Additional documentation if applicable