GRADES 1 st -12 th.



  • • Completed Application form ( / Admissions / Application);
  • • Copy of birth certificate;
  • • Two 3x4cm photos;
  • • Completed Health Information form ( / Admissions / HealthForm);
  • • Copy of updated immunization card;
  • • Blood type identification and RH factor issued by laboratory;
  • • Psychological and/or special needs reports (if applicable);
  • • Official School Transcript:
  • • School abroad: the document must be apostilled (Apostille of the Hague) by the competent authorities in which it is issued.
  • • If the country is not signatory of the Hague convention, the document must be validated by the nearest Brazilian Embassy or Consulate where the school is located.

PS: Both cases, the document must be translated to English by a certified translator. Brazilian students must also have it translated to Portuguese.



  • • Copy of ID, CPF and proof of residence (Brazilian parents);
  • • Copy of RNE or passport with valid VISA, CPF and proof of residence (foreign parents);


  • • Contracts are signed for educational services at the American School of Recife;
  • • Payment of matriculation fee;
Idade no início Estados Unidos Itália França Inglaterra Brasil
6 Elementary 1st Scuola primaria
includes english
1 Ecole primaire CP 11ème Primary Year 2 Ensino
7 2nd 2 CP1 10ème Year 3
8 3rd 3 CE2 ème Year 4
9 4th 4 CM1 8 ème Year 5
10 5th 5 CM1 7ème Year 6
11 Middle School 6th Scuola secondaria
de 1º grado. Adds
technology and a
3rd language
1 College Sixième Secondary Year 7
12 7th 2 Cinquième Year 8
13 8th 3 Quatrième Year 9
14 High School 9th Scuola secondaria
de 2º grado (or liceo)
1 Lyce Troisième 6th Form Year 10
15 10th 2 Seconde Year 11 10º
16 11th 3 Première Year 12 11º
17 12th 4 Terminale Year 13 12º


  • • Children who enroll in August from schools with an academic calendar different from August to June will be placed in the grade to which they are currently enrolled. If enrolling at the start of the second semester in January, children shall be placed in the grade s/he has most recently completed.
  • • International students transferring from schools with grade levels differing from the American system are assigned to grade levels by age and/or placement tests.
  • • Brazilian students transferring from Brazilian schools are assigned to grade levels according to official school records.
  • • School administration reserves the right to transfer a student to another grade level through the reclassification process if the initial placement is deemed inappropriate and parents agree to the change.