Committed to Student Learning

Technology is Made to Simplify the Way We do Things

At EAR, students, faculty, and staff can benefit from the integration of technology in learning support. 

Teachers are used to taking great advantage of technology in the classrooms, improving their teaching experience, and also helping EAR’s students learn better.

At American School of Recife, we ​​have a robust and redundant technology infrastructure capable of maintaining network and internet services for teachers, students, and administrative staff 24 hours a day. In order to have a safe environment for our students, we are always following and reviewing the security protocols of our entire network.

The school uses computers, Chromebooks, laptops, smartboards, projectors, document cameras, and much more to accomplish specific educational tasks at school. Students can use computers to learn various skills ‘’like’’ typing, grammar, essay writing and they can also use the Wi-Fi internet to enhance their learning abilities. This internet can be accessed for free across the campus, so this enables the student to learn individually while using their devices. Students use the internet for research and educational purposes, non-educational websites are blocked. This ensures good usage of the internet at school.

We have a 2-1 iPad/student ratio for our PreK-4 – Kindergarten students. There is a 1-1 Chromebook/student ratio for 2nd-5th graders. Students in grades 2-5 are taught how to navigate the Google platform and have personal email accounts. Additionally, there is a computer lab with 23 desktop computers and a projector. 

Our ECC / Elementary teachers are provided with technology professional development to enhance their teaching and improve their student’s learning. Students have access to online platforms that stimulate their creativity, literacy, and logical thinking. 

Throughout the year schools provide events to raise digital citizenship awareness. Parents have free access to the school IT department to receive instructions and help with all the platforms and devices their child uses outside the campus, by doing it the American School of Recife makes the use of technology easy and accessible to our entire community.