Oct. 7, 2019

You Matter

Times have changed, and so have educational demands. Today's society poses many challenges for young people. Each year, discoveries are made and new technologies continue to appear. New professions have arisen, new demands for work, and competition for jobs have increased greatly.  Candidates must show highly developed competence and professional qualification. Therefore, making the right choice of a school that will prepare children for this increasingly competitive future is a challenge for many parents.

The American School of Recife, E.A.R. as it is called by its community, is the only international school in Recife. It was founded 62 years ago and has always been characterized as a small foreign-born school whose education system differs from local programs. E.A.R. has always stood out among its community for its excellent teaching program, student-centered teachers, and rich multicultural environment.

A unique teaching program and a rich student culture foster greater unity among its students. A warm school where students are led to observe, question and collaborate in the learning process, E.A.R. provides an enabling environment for the development of great memories and lasting relationships. 

Legitimate partnerships in which teachers engage students and care about their learning results in citizens prepared to meet the challenges of our uncertain future. The power of autonomy with responsibility that is practiced by students makes the school experience unique and meaningful to them.

The enriching multicultural environment, aligned with a solid curriculum often updated with best educational practices, opens the students' minds to a world beyond school boundaries. The trust and responsibility given to them build the confidence that they can and will positively impact the world in the future.

In closing, these are some of the reasons for the school's strong impact on students' lives.  For E.A.R., just as important as student achievement is the process of building learning, character education, and a sense of community. Graduated students are prepared to be leaders in the budding professions of our unknown future.