Apr. 7, 2020

BRAMUN Awards for EAR students

In spite of BRAMUN getting canceled this year due to COVID-19, students worked very hard prior to the conference studying all topics to be discussed and writing their country's position papers on the issues.

They didn't have a chance to go and debate in person but BRAMUN organization decided to award those who exceeded expectations and wrote outstanding papers. Keep in mind we are talking about almost five hundred students, representing nineteen schools.

Five EAR students got the award and we wanted to share the news with you! All are 9th graders and BRAMUN was a first for them.

Carolina Muniz
Best Position Paper Award
Press Corps

Maria Sol Sousa and Sofia Araújo
Outstanding Position Paper Award
Representing Chile in the Political Committee

Maria Cecília Meira and Vinicius Vasconcellos
Outstanding Position Paper Award
Representing Mexico in the Political Committee

They deserve the biggest congratulation for all their hard work!