Nov. 6, 2020

NY Times Chooses EAR Student!

One of our EAR students were chosen by the NYT this week for her response regarding the question "Where are you from?" 10th grader Carolina Caiado Custódia de Sousa Maria was chosen regarding her two identities - Portugal and Brazil.  The NYT shortens the responses, which is understandable but unfortunate because her full response had more of the great details that showed her self-reflection. You can find her full response below the link.


"Lisbon, Portugal. That is my usual answer when people ask me where I am from. Though, it is not quite simple as it might seem. Since I currently live in Brazil, and it has been my home for many years now, my answer is usually followed by other people's questions or requests. Many straightly ask me why I am living here. Some choose to guess. And others just ask me to speak with my Portuguese accent. Most people I have encountered in a situation like that were interested in knowing more about me, which I do not mind. However, I have experienced some unpleasant reactions from a few people who see me as a person from a country they are not fond of, and that is something I do not wish on anyone. Nevertheless, no one ever said I could not have two homes. And because of that, both countries are my home. Portugal has been my home since forever. I was born and grew up there as a kid, now being my go-to vacation spot. Half of my life is still there, and I believe that the memories held there are far too strong to let go, along with my family living there. Brazil is also my home. It is where I live, where my friends are, and where my life is currently set in; even if it is just my dad and me, it is where I am meant to be for now. Therefore I am proud to say that both places are my home, and I am happy that I was given the opportunity to experience such beautiful cultures. "