Mar. 19, 2021

Students are Published in the NY Times

Two of our EAR students were chosen by the NYT this week for their responses regarding whether team sports should happen this year. Our first ever 8th grader was chosen, Ana Santos, and a 10th grader, Arthur Simões. Their full response is below. 

Ana Pietra Santos
"I believe that some countries should not continue with the teams. Many countries are suffering from Covid-19, and how cases are increasing each day. Covid-19 is not gone. It can come back any time and get even worse.  For that reason, I think games and teams should cancel teams/games for a limited time until it decreases, and playing soccer, basketball, or any other game is not an issue for society. But other countries that are not with that rising Covid-19 cases should continue with the gaming, but with all the protocols, being as socially distanced as possible and taking their masks off only if necessary. We are not in a game, and this is real life. People are dying every day because of this virus. Please act with care and respect for those suffering each day because they lost someone or because of their brutal, suffering death."

Arthur Campos Simões
"With the recent deterioration of the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, various sectors of society have paid the steep price of yet another lockdown. School sports have been an integral part of the formation of consolidated school spirit since the beginning of the twentieth century, yet we find ourselves stuck in between a rock and a hard place. On one side, closing down games and practices will prevent gatherings and; thus, the further proliferation of the coronavirus. On the other hand, sports provide a banner to rally under in these trying times; they unite us, bring us emotion, make us human. Grievously, we cannot allow ourselves the luxury of large gatherings. The logistics necessary to practice group sports in a safe manner such as volleyball, soccer, and football are, melancholy, unattainable. The Covod-19 pandemic still rages on and, now more than ever, we must withstand the trials of isolation. Hopefully, thanks to mutual cooperation, we’ll soon be able to cheer on our brethren as they score a remarkable touchdown or goal. Until then, we must do our part to quell this horrible disease and must always remember: stay safe!"

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