Sep. 10, 2019

Viral and/or Bacterial Infections

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We are aware of some cases of viral and bacterial infections among our students. Our intention, through this statement, is to guide families to seek medical service at the first signs and symptoms of student malaise, such as fever, malaise, sore throat, nasal congestion, coughing seizure, presence of yellowish/greenish secretion, diarrhea or any other similar symptoms.

By doing this kind of prevention, we can help reduce the spread of these diseases in the school environment. It is very common for viruses to circulate for a longer time in schools because of children who are sick and attend school. If the virus circulates for a longer period, it can lead to reinfection: your child may have just “healed” and become ill again.

So, as difficult as it is for the family and as good as school is, a sick child should stay at home and not at school!

If the infection develops with fever, wait at least 48 hours without fever for the child to return to school. In cases without fever, the child should also be removed for a time to be determined by the pediatrician, according to the type of infection. Sick children in school should be avoided as much as possible: If everyone does their part we will have fewer cross infections.

Students should stay away from school while symptoms persist and until all medical treatment is complete.

We are at your disposal for any clarifications,

Isabella Travassos
Enfermeira da EAR