Social Studies

AT EAR we see social studies instruction as an opportunity for students to explore and become familiar with the growing and changing world around them.

Our ECC and Elementary School Curricula have units of study integrated into our Reading and writing programs. One example of this is the Sustainable Development Goals Units (SDG Unit).  

In this unit EAR students in our Nursery-5th Grade program participate in three critical components. First, students read, research, and explore the languages, customs, landscapes, and cultures that exist within that country.  Second, students learn and examine the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals; some of which include clean water, good health, no poverty, zero hunger, affordable and clean energy, reduce inequality, and sustainable cities and communities.  Finally, students participate in an annual International fair where all of their learning can be shared with our community.   

EAR takes great pride in the alignment of this work with our mission  that speaks to “empowered, informed, and responsible world citizens.”         

In the Middle School & High School EAR uses TCI’s online History Alive! programs transform social studies classrooms into a multi-faceted learning experience. TCI lessons start with a big ideas — Essential Questions — and incorporate graphic notetaking, group work, and step-by-step discovery. Students are the center of instruction that taps a variety of learning styles, allowing students of all abilities to learn and succeed.  This social studies curriculum for high school students is robust, engaging, and results-focused. Students complete collaborative projects, writing assignments, critical thinking challenges, and problem-solving group work. TCI’s giving students a unique advantage as they prepare for college and beyond.

At EAR our Social Studies program concludes with multiple AP course offerings which include AP World History and AP Human Geography.