English Language Arts

In English Language Arts EAR is a Readers and Writers Workshop School. Developed by teachers, academics, and professors in the Reading Writing Project at the prestigious Teachers College of Columbia University in New York. 

This curriculum, written by Dr. Lucy Calkins, is widely known as the gold standard in reading and writing literacy development.  Used in International schools all over the world, one of the main goals of this program is to cultivate an authentic love for reading and writing by teaching in the “Workshop” model. In this model students are guided by their teacher through a 10-15min mini lesson where a connection to prior learning knowledge is used to engage instruction around a teaching point that students then actively engage in practicing a skill identified in the teaching point, finally students are given an opportunity to go and practice the skill on their own or in small groups with support from their teacher.   

This wonderful AERO standards-aligned curriculum is the backbone of reading and writing learning at EAR.