Nursery 2020-2021

Beginning on March 9th, those interested in a vacancy for your child in the Nursery 2020-21 class, please fill out the form at the link below and attach the required documentation.
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Aiko Uehara

Class of 2020

"When I heard that I was going to move to Brazil, I was worried about not having Asians or many girls in my new class. However, all of the worry and nervousness disappeared because I felt like I was “at home.” I love this school very much even though I just spent a year at EAR. Thank you, mom and dad, for bringing me here. It was such an impressive, fabulous time spending with powerful, excellent friends. Thank you very much for being my friends."

Accepted to:
Thompson Rivers Valley University
Seneca College
University of Fraser Valley
University of Winnipeg
Concordia University of Edmonton

Arthur Lemos

Class of 2020

“One of the many moments in my 16 years that I will always remember is how I found my place in here. I remember that I didn’t have any self-esteem when I was little, but after a single good volleyball game almost everyone in my class gave me a nickname, “Myth.” That completely changed my view of myself and helped me to believe in myself. My hope is that EAR never changes and we have more classes as a family like mine was and that my classmates become successful with whatever path they choose.”

Accepted to:
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)
Universidade Católica de Pernambuco

Benny Lispector

Class of 2020

Every time I look back at my journey to become the person I am now, I realize that arriving at this school becomes a pivotal moment. It couldn’t be elsewhere other than at E.A.R that I’d be able to learn what I learned here. And let it be clear that learning is a concept that far transcends the mere act of opening an English book or doing math homework. Surely I am prepared and looking forward for the next adventures that are about to cross my way.

Accepted to:
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ohio State University
University of Colorado-Boulder
Arizona State University
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
University of Washington-Seattle
Purdue University
Boston University
University of Florida
Northeastern University
Case Western Reserve University
University of Rochester


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Viral and/or Bacterial Infections

Dear Parents / Guardians,We are aware of some cases of viral and bacterial infections...
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School Access

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School drop off and pick up time

Dear Parents,We ask you and your drivers to be patient during drop off and pick up as...
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