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E.A.R. develops students to be the protagonists in their lives, preparing them for Brazilian and international colleges, the world of work, and especially capable of making their own choices.

We are an American Overseas School that offers exemplary United States and Brazilian accredited programs in a welcoming English language setting where each individual matters.

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Parents Testimonials

Fernanda Rojas
I believe that my children have the ability to reach their greatest potential here at the American school where they are independent to make their own decisions and also to talk to anyone, regardless of hierarchy, about anything that concerns them.
Fernanda Rojas
Marcio Mendes
EAR provides autonomy with responsibility, giving children the power to act and think for themselves, giving them the choice between activities, but knowing that there are consequences in their choices.
Marcio Mendes
Wedja Pires
EAR provides an enriching opportunity that enables my children to perform their best on any occasion. Through club activities and interaction with people of different nationalities, they have also gained an international perspective. With the cosmopolitan environment, EAR certainly helped my children to mature socially and academically.
Wedja Pires

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