Laying the Foundation for Tomorrow

The school management formulates policies focused on student learning that best meet the needs of families, the expectations of the labor market, as well as the general interests of the community.

The American School of Recife is currently managed by an Interim Management Committee composed of employees Danilo Bortolomais, Business Manager, Quintino Orengo Jr., Director of Brazilian Studies, and Jeffrey Shirk, Secondary Principal, each one also responsible for their area of expertise and ensuring that day-to-day operations, EAR’s mission, and vision are present in all school decisions. The committee reports to the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees is the one who strategically directs the school. It is self-perpetuating and represents the school’s parenting community. Board members are elected by the school’s parents and must have at least one child studying at the institution. The Board focuses on the school’s strategic planning and delegates the school’s day-to-day operations to the Superintendent. The Superintendent is not a voting member of the Board but attends all meetings and acts as a visible representative of the Board.

The Board of Trustees determines the school’s mission and policies and acts legally and ethically in the best interests of students. This board is formed by members elected at a General Assembly. The EAR’s Board is composed of 5 elected members, 2 appointed members, and 1 representative member appointed by the US Consulate. The officers of the Board are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Vice-Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-Secretary, and Vogel.

The 10 basic responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

– Determine the school’s mission and purpose

– Select the Superintendent

– Provide proper financial oversight

– Ensure adequate resources

– Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability

– Ensure effective organizational planning

– Recruit and orient new board members

– Enhance the organization’s public standing

– Determine, monitor, and strengthen school programs and services

– Support the Superintendent and their performance


President: Maria Elisa de Andrade Soares

Vice-President: Márcio Blanc Mendes

Treasurer: André Gustavo D. A. Oliveira

Vice-Treasurer: Wedja Danielle de M. H. Pires

Secretary: Marina M. P. Rebêlo

Vice-Secretary: Fernanda M. Neumann Henrique


Member of the Consulate: Joshua Hatch


Superintendent: Peter Klam

ECC / ES Principal: Daniel Conzelman

Secondary Principal: Douglas Musco

Brazilian Studies Director: Quintino Orengo

Business Manager: Danilo Bortolomais