Our Mission

EAR develops critical thinkers and lifelong learners with an international perspective, empowered to become informed, responsible world citizens. 


EAR will empower students to meet tomorrow’s challenges with passion and resiliency.

We believe …

A strong community is founded upon open communication and mutual respect. It is our responsibility to make positive contributions to society. Honesty and integrity are fundamental human qualities for effective citizenship. Diversity enhances empathy for individual differences in our global society. Collaboration and creativity are essential life skills in an interdependent world.

Our Core Values


We believe that member of our community matter to one another, and our needs will be met through our commitment to be together.


Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. It is related to the honesty and truthfulness of a person’s actions.


We are motivated to acquire new skills and knowledge and to improve existing ones. It is an ongoing pursuit focused on personal development.

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