Teaching at the American School of Recife is exciting, challenging, and professionally rewarding.

Creating an environment that challenges and stretches student learning is our major goal. We accomplish this through a number of key practices.

  • EAR has a clear mission, vision, and guiding statements.
  • EAR has a strong commitment to continuous learning improvement using innovative teaching practices.
  • EAR works toward specific annual school-wide improvement goals.
  • EAR is entering Phase II and III state-of-the-art architectural campus construction.
  • EAR enjoys rising student numbers and family waiting lists in most grade levels.
  • EAR is accredited by Cognia and is affiliated with AMISA, WIDA, and College Board.
  • EAR has a diverse, welcoming international faculty.
  • EAR is committed to Professional Development.
  • As a participant in our community of learners, every staff member at EAR has the opportunity to partake in professional development at mid-year conferences, summer conferences courses, and online workshop training.
  • New teachers are provided with access to curriculum documents on Atlas Rubicon, which include student outcomes, key teaching methodologies, unit plans, and resources. Student learning is driven by performance assessment.
  • EAR has wonderful, friendly interactive students!
  • EAR is located in a healthy, easy-living city beside the beach.