EAR Student Protection Policy (SPP)

The American School of Recife Student Protection Policy (SPP) is informed by the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child, Brazilian law, and the International Task Force on Child Protection (ITFCP).

Student abuse, neglect, and bullying / cyberbullying are serious concerns in schools and as they are obstacles to their education and development are not to be tolerated. Schools hold a particular institutional role in society to protect their students and to ensure that each student is afforded a safe and secure environment in which to learn and develop.

Educators and school staff, having the opportunity to observe and interact with students over extended periods of time, are in a unique position to identify and support “at-risk” students and circumstances.

As such, schools and educators have both a professional and an ethical obligation to identify and support students who are at risk for abuse, neglect, or bullying and/or in need of support and/or protection.

All EAR employees (faculty, office, and support staff), After School Activities (ASA) contractors, and providers are required to read, acknowledge, and adhere to the school’s SPP and annually sign the school’s Code of Conduct document. The Student Protection Policy is included therein.

EAR is committed to protecting each of its students in every aspect of school life. As such, EAR distributes this policy annually to all stakeholders through Faculty and Divisional Handbooks, Faculty and Divisional information sessions/meetings, Student Parent Handbooks, and the public EAR school website.

Therefore, all school employees must sign the following term: EAR Code of Conduct