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At EAR, students, faculty, and staff can benefit from the integration of technology in learning support. 

At American School of Recife, we ​​have a robust and redundant technology infrastructure capable of maintaining network and internet services for teachers, students, and administrative staff 24 hours a day. In order to have a safe environment for our students, we are always following and reviewing the security protocols of our entire network.

Our 6th-8th Grade students have a ratio of 1-1 Chromebook where they use for their daily classes, and our 9th – 12th they bring their own device following the school BYOD policies. The secondary students are offered a variety of tech elective courses such as Photojournalism, Computer Science, Robotics, Digital Arts, and much more. Our classrooms and labs are always equipped with updated software and equipment, allowing our students to be always up-to-date and safe in a global digital scenario.

Our Secondary teachers are provided with technology professional development to enhance their teaching and improve their student’s learning. Students have access to online platforms that stimulate their creativity, literacy, logical thinking, and College application.

Throughout the year, schools provide events to raise digital citizenship awareness. Parents have free access to the school IT department to receive instructions and help with all the platforms and devices their child uses outside the campus, by doing it the American School of Recife makes the use of technology easy and accessible to our entire community.