Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

The High School at EAR, 9th-12th Grade, has a Bring Your Own Device. The BYOD policy mandates that students must bring to school an appropriate learning device to access our ever-increasing online programs, textbooks, and apps from the Google Suite. The school deems an appropriate learning device like a laptop or Chromebook that has a keyboard, long battery life, and the ability to access our Wi-Fi and Google platform.

Recommendations on appropriate devices can be found in our Device Recommendation table.

In our continued commitment to fulfilling our mission statement, we believe that appropriate learning devices help our high school students:

• Increase student engagement and develop student-centered classrooms
• Create a learning environment based on collaboration, communication, and creation
• Increase research writing skills through guided practice in the classroom
• Improve student achievement and learning through instant feedback
• Improve their digital organizational skills as they manage several subject areas.

In addition, the EAR Technology Department has been working on supporting the rollout of the BYOD policy by increasing our tech infrastructure and informing students and teachers about the appropriate use of technology in the classroom. Students will be expected to sign an acceptable user agreement that outlines the consequences of inappropriate use. Beyond the Wi-Fi infrastructure, the school will not maintain or fix individual student devices, and it is highly recommended that devices purchased come with antivirus and warranties.