Curriculum Review

To ensure our curricula remain relevant and up to date with best practices we engage in a five year curriculum review cycle where each of our instructional areas undergoes a thorough examination.

This ensures each of our classrooms and subject areas are well stocked and equipped with the latest learning tools and materials, identify opportunities for ongoing staff training and professional learn, analyze student achievement data to assess where and how we can better target learning activities, and reflect upon how can continue to grow, develop, and improve our teaching and learning practices. 

Ongoing Throughout Cycle

  • Professional Development 
  • Staff Training 
  • Analyzing Data 
  • Purchasing Materials
  • Reflecting & Refining

EAR Curriculum Review Cycle

Year 1: Revision of Program & Preview, Pilot  

  • Review and Revise Standards, Benchmarks, Indicators
  • Review & Edit Curriculum Framework
  • Explore Sample Copies of Texts and Support Materials
  • Select Text & Support Materials

Year 2: Training Staff & Implementation

  • Professional Development on programs  
  • Training for New Adopted Resources & Materials
  • Teacher Support for New Curriculum
  • Parent Education for the New programs
  • Begin Implementation 

Year 3: Reflect & Refine

  • Reflect on 1st Year Implementation efforts
  • Identify Strengths & Needs
  • Monitor Student Assessment Outcomes 
  • Refine Program Curriculum and Delivery 

Year 4: Implementation

  • Implement the Program with Refinements 
  • Monitor Progress
  • Monitor Student Assessment Outcomes

Year 5: Evaluate

  • Evaluate Program Effectiveness
  • Identify and Discuss latest Research in Best Practice & Instructional Methodology