New York Times Chooses EAR Students!

Two of our EAR students were chosen by the NYT this week for their responses regarding athletes speaking out on social and political issues. 10th graders Sofia Araújo and Maria Luiza Bivar (again!!). The shortened version is posted on the link 


And their full response is below.:

“Since the foundation of the first American colony in 1607, Americans have been adamant about speaking out against political issues they disagreed with and social movements they supported. Now, it is not any different. With social media allowing a bigger platform to spread messages, it is no wonder that issues regarding society have been mainstreamed. Like any other celebrity or famous person, athletes have been gifted the ability to, not only do what they love, but also inspire and spread messages; why should it be any different with talking about political issues? Though some may think that “sports isn’t a place for politics,” that view is simply the most utter demonstration of privilege and demonstrates the need to allow athletes to talk about today’s issues openly. Those affected by social and political problems do not get a safe space from it, and as long as they are going through something, then those who aren’t should not have a “safe” place to not hear about it. Athletes should not have their freedom of speech limited because some might be uncomfortable hearing the world’s harsh realities. However, it should be clear that influence can be a dangerous weapon if wilded right, and “opinions” shared by athletes should only be allowed if they do not incentivize hate and division. Overall, the ability to have a large platform that one can use to spread messages is a great asset, and it is up to those that have it, athletes or not, to talk for those who don’t.” – Maria Luiza Bivar

“A person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina.” As seen, according to the Merriam- Webster dictionary, an athlete is someone explicitly trained to practice any physical activity, but recently, many professional athletes have decided to speak up on current issues that they feel have to be heard. But are these athletes prepared to voice their opinions about such complex topics? While it is essential for people to be aware of issues that may affect our community, I don’t believe it’s beneficial for such topics to be heard from an athlete’s perspective. Many politicians and intellectuals have the job of researching such issues, so it’s way better if the population hears from them rather than from someone who isn’t actively aware of current situations. In conclusion, while athletes provide entertainment for large groups of people, I believe stirring conversation to political discussions requires a change in audience; mixing sports with politics isn’t a good idea.”  – Sofia Araújo

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